Season Allotment

The Club has a limited number of rooms for use by Members and their temporary members. While every effort is made to provide accomodation to all those who request it, this is not always possible especially during the Season periods of Summer, Diwali and Christmas, and over long weekends.

For the benefit of members, this document sets out the procedures followed in allotment of rooms.

A. Season and Off-Season

There are three ‘season’ periods each year :

The Summer Season runs from about mid-May to the first or second week of June;
The Diwali season spans the week of the annual Diwali holidays with a few days on either side;
The Christmas vacation typically runs from the third week of December through to the end of the first week of January.

The exact dates are decided by the Managing Committee. Members are informed of these dates by a circular letter sent well before the commencement of each season.

Off-season periods are all periods other than the season periods, when the Club is open.

Some rooms carry a premium.

Please note that the check-out time is 9:00 am which must be adhered to, for convenience of incoming temporary members. The Club staff needs at least two hours to prepare rooms for new temporary members, and since most temporary members arrive by lunch, the 9:00 am check-out is mandatory.

Please also note that all bills must now be settled by cash, cheque (Bombay cheques are accepted) or credit card at the time of check out. More information is available online.

B. Off Season bookings

All off-season reservations are handled directly at the Club office in Mahabaleshwar. Off-season reservations forms are available online. These forms should be completed and faxed or mailed to the Club Secretary directly, as should cancellations or changes in date. Off-season tariffs are also available online.

C. Season Bookings

Due to the high volume of demand, season bookings are handled by a Room Allotment Sub-Committee, on the basis of the following general guidelines :

Members who request reservations for the longest duration during season get first priority.
All rooms are double-occupancy. Rooms in B-block, and suites generally, are intended for occupancies of four; hence, priority is given to members who request for accomodation for themselves and, say, their accompanying children, in B-block and suites.
Members requesting rooms for themselves and their temporary members, where their temporary members are family members are given priority over cases where the temporary members are not family members.
Temporary Members unaccompanied by temporary members are given the lowest priority.
Between two members who are otherwise identically placed in terms of number of in-season room-nights, number of persons, etc., the member who applies first is given preference.

C-1. Revised Season Room Allotment Policy (For Diwali & Chritmas Season)

Requests have been received from members to review the current room allotment policy to enable those who are coming for shorter duration to get accommodation which they are unable to get during season periods.

In view of the above, the Room Allotment Sub-Committee has re-examined the process keeping the statistics of past Applications and Allotments made to the members during Diwali and Christmas periods.

After due consideration, the Room Allotment committee has decided that :

Category One : Room allotments will be considered in two parts. Of 35 available rooms, 26 rooms will be allotted as per the existing procedure of number of days applied for. Longer duration applications will be kept at the top and allotment considered in the descending order as at present.
Category Two : The remaining 9 rooms will be earmarked for shorter duration applications of 4 days or less. While allotting this category, once again the listing will be in the descending order i.e. members' applications with the highest number of days applied for will be listed at the top and the shortest duration will be listed at the bottom for allotment.

The above procedure was tried in Christmas 2012 bookings and worked well and continued thereafter. Members seeking rooms in Diwali or Christmas seasons are requested to indicate their category (I or II) at the top of their application forms for ease of allotment.

D. Tariffs

Tariffs are notified annually and are also available online.

E. Cancellation Charges

For all periods, season and off-season, the prescribed cancellation charges will be levied.

F. Code of Conduct and Dress Code

The Club's regulations regarding members' conduct and dress code are also available online. Members are requested to study these and to pack accordingly.

G. Clothing and travel advisories

Periodically, we publish advisories regarding climate and weather, and road conditions. These are generalized and only intended to assist members. The Club does not warrant the accuracy of any such advisories.

Current trip advisories are available here.