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About the Club

The Club was born out of a decision taken by 6 British Army Officers on 22nd April 1881 who met in Frere Hall and decided to apply to the Asst. Collector in Satara for permission to have an Army Officer's Club in Mahabaleshwar. They proposed to convert the old Army Sanitarium Blocks into the Club's Chambers and convert the Frere Hall into a Club House.

That was over 130 years ago and that makes our Mahabaleshwar Club one of the 30 oldest surviving Clubs of India, after the departure of the British.

Today, the elegant grill gates open to invite members to The Club: a complex of charming colonial style structures built of exposed brick with arched windows and sloping roofs.

The unique red brick buildings of the Club, their deep red floors contrasting with the greenery outside, the flowerbeds ablaze with colour and the unmarred blue skies of Mahabaleshwar hold a special place in our hearts and memories.

The lovingly cared for gardens, flower beds and foliage make it a pleasure to relax in the generous shade of the old trees or stretch out on a hammock or garden chair.

The charm of the Club is not merely in its buildings and gardens, splendid though these are. It is also in its exceptionally friendly staff. They know members and their families by name and, during their stay, attend to their needs with courtesy and care.