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The long colonnade of "A" Block with its huge bell, the planter's chairs outside the billiard room, the corner with a chess table below beautiful stained glass panes are some of the quaint and rare beauties one can experience at The Club.

The Breakfast Room boasts of large windows that overlook the old trees at the rear of the "A" block.

The Club offers a dedicated Billiards Room with well-kept equipment. It is here that many members' children have, literally, taken their cue for the first time.

The adjoining room has facilities for a game of pool, table tennis and carom.

The colourful table tops, charming old chairs, and red floors of the Cards Room invite members to relax over a game of cards.

With its sloping wooden ceiling and sprung wooden floor, Frere Hall is the perfect place for evening dances and galas. It is also the place where, every evening in season, the Club Secretary and his wife host a game of housie for the children.

The broad verandah behind Frere Hall is used by members who wish to sit undisturbed. A flight of steps leads to a large lawn with a volleyball net and an area reserved for the game of Croquet. This is also the place where The Club holds its Barbeque Evenings, which have become very popular, as also parties for Diwali, Christmas (lunch) and New Year's Eve.etc.

The Library is probably The Club's best-kept secret. It is truly a treasure-trove, the collection, now being professionally organized and catalogued, has not just modern thrillers but also, uniquely, many timeless classics including several first editions and issues of Strand and Punch magazines of the 19th Century.

The 1st Floor of "A" Block has several rooms and suites and a generously proportioned lounge. Subdued lighting and light cane furniture in the Lounge on the first floor of "A" Block, in an open arrangement by large picture windows make this a perfect spot to relax. The Club also has rooms in the "B", "C", "D" & "E" Block.

The smaller children love the Children's Park with its slides and swings.

Across the road and flanking the "C"-block are the additional recreational facilities of a Football field,Walking/Jogging Track and Tennis Courts that our members can avail of.

Equipment for all sports and games played at The Club is available in the Club Office.

The Club has also introduced a Driving Range and a Putting Green and is gradually trying to make the entire Golf Course playable again.

Enthusiastic golfers have always enjoyed this course, which demands a high degree of accuracy and skill, apart from being one of the most picturesque and scenic Courses in this part of Western India.

Many members go down to the golf course for a walk, which can take them right to the lake with constantly changing views of the woods and hills, and the lake beyond.

In-room facilities now include an electric kettle and tea/coffee/milk sachets and biscuits which are replenished twice daily. (Tea & Coffee can be ordered as Room-Service but for an additional charge at certain times of the morning and afternoon). 

New introduction:-

  1. Bicycles for The Club residents in various sizes without any charge.
  2. Karaoke equipment with projector and misrophones for small group parties at nominal charges.
  3. Achromatic Refractor Telescope 102/1000 f/10.0 for the brillient and clear night skies can be setup in evening by advance request before 2 noon. (without any charge)